The Exclusive Blue Lagoon Time

-3 Days 2 Nights-

In Iceland, except for going to Gullfoss Waterfall or Hot Spring Geysir to feel the power of nature, the Blue Lagoon is also a place you can’t miss.

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Slow Travel in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon, the world’s largest open-air hot spring, is actually from Svartsengí geothermal power plant. Owing to the fluid’s high concentration of silica, algae and rich minerals, the lagoon eventually became the focus of intense scientific study, giving birth in 1992 to Blue Lagoon Limited, a company dedicated to the research and development of the water’s primary elements. The spring not only looks fantastic with its white and blue color, but also nourishing and anti-aging. Moreover, the spring water is also said to be good for healing, especially skin diseases such as Psoriasis, which makes this place more magical.

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The Blue Lagoon Within Touch

Opened in 2017, the Retreat Blue Lagoon belongs to Blue Lagoon Limited and take just 20 minutes drive away from Reykjavik Airport (KEF). This resort is much more luxury than Silica Hotel, the other hotel belonging to the same group. Home of Blue Lagoon Iceland, the Reykjanes Peninsula was officially given the status of UNESCO Global Geopark. The terrain is alive with craters craters, fissures, mud pools, steam vents, hot springs, and endless moss-covered lava fields, which inspired The Retreat Blue Lagoon to design all the delicate and simple hotel rooms with the surroundings. The colors of moss, lava, and ice are all over inside and outside, giving the guests a sense of touching the core of nature, which is private, warm and tranquil.

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Celebration of Senses

The atmosphere at the Retreat is informal and welcoming. For the duration of your stay, your host is your guide and attendant—instilling in you a sense of belonging. The Retreat provides Blue Lagoon Ritual (the Spa space) which includes sauna, steam heat, cold well and even more. And there’s Lava Cove, offering a completely secluded and self-contained space for whom needs privacy. After the end of the spring time, you may go to the restaurant in the Retreat, and savor the cuisine mixed with modern cooking and the essence from the nature of Iceland.
For the guests who is deeply in love with wine, there’s no way to miss Wine Cellar. The cellar is deep in a cavern of multi-hued, frozen-in-time lava that erupted in the year 1226. The striking colors in this geologic wonder evoke sensations of cave paintings, but these walls —lined with wines from all over the world —were painted by the volcanic hand of nature.

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Room Types

The 5 types of rooms are classified with moss, lava and lagoon. In moss rooms, what you see is endless moss-covered field shining brightly right under the sun. In lava rooms, the lava are within touch, the guests just can’t help imagining the fluid and burning lava stream thousand years ago. And in the lagoon rooms, you can indulge in the beauty of blue lagoon right in your room. Moreover, in the Lagoon Suite, the blue lagoon hot spring is just one step away outside your room, which means you can go into the blue spring whenever you want.

Moss Suite

The timeless majesty of the moss-covered lava fields—radiant, pristine, ever-changing. The exquisite tranquility of two rooms that unlock the harmonic interplay of design and nature. Each Moss Suite becomes the centerpiece of an otherworldly perspective and a transformative experience.

$5,150 up
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Moss Junior Suite

Walls of glass open up to panoramic vistas of ever-changing moss. Sweeping lava fields unfold into the volcanic horizon. With timeless design that channels the forms and colors of the enchanting landscape, each Moss Junior Suite becomes one with nature—creating a place of profound comfort.

$3,225 up
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Lagoon View Junior Suite

Spacious. Cozy. Simple. Elegant. With concept and design inspired by the serene blue waters and multi-colored lava that lie just beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows, each Lagoon View Junior Suite creates harmony between luxurious interior and sublime exterior.

$3,225 up
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Lava View Junior Suite

Carved into the earth, this suite brings you face-to-face with frozen-in-time layers of historic lava. From your terrace you can reach out and touch the once-molten flow. These shapes and colors are embodied by the suite’s interior design, creating the sublime interplay of nature and comfort.

$3,225 up
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Lagoon Suite

Floor-to-ceiling windows dissolve the boundary between interior and exterior, transforming this two-room sanctuary into an experience of the geothermal waters that surround the Retreat. From the relaxing comfort of each Lagoon Suite, the mineral-rich warmth of your own private lagoon is just a step away.

$6,735 up
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Our Services

Daily breakfast a la carte
Exclusive Concierge
Featured Skincare amenities
Hot Spring Facilities
In-Room Minibar (Soft Drinks and Icelandic Beer)
Turndown Service
Afternoon Icelandic Coffee in the Lounge
Guided Group Hikes (Daily)
Group Yoga Sessions (Daily)
Valet Parking


Your reservation will be confirmed after having received a confirmation mail from us.
In event of bad weather, you can reschedule the departure date or cancel the tour, getting a full refund.
Despite reasons given above, no change or cancel is accepted once your reservation has been confirmed.
Each room’s quantities are limited. LuxPin reserves rights to refuse the order.
Earliest check-in time is at 15:00 and latest check-out time is at 11:00.
Due to local law restrictions, children under 8 are not allowed into Lava View Junior Suite, Lagoon View Junior Suite and Lagoon Suite.This is because these suites have direct access to the water surrounding the complex.
Each room’s accommodation is up to 2 persons.